Ciel-Art:  Wing Yun Man's Portfolio - Illustration, Character Design, Sequential Art

Frequently Asked Questions
Why 'Ciel-Art'?
The previous edition of the site was called Composition Luminous.'CL' was the acronym for the site name, which formed the word 'ciel' when spoken. As time went by, it was just easier and shorter to call the site 'Ciel-Art', which is now the portfolio's official name. I also like the fact that 'ciel' means 'sky' in French.

Who is the character featured on your site layout?
Her name is Kyaterina (shortened to 'Rina'), she is an original creation of mine which I've used as Ciel-Art's mascot throughout the years.

Do you take art requests?
It is against my policy to accept free requests. Please commission me instead if you'd really like me to draw something for you.

Can I use your artwork on my own site/journal?
Please ask for my permission first (via e-mail). If granted, you must credit me with my full name 'Wing Yun Man' and a link back to my website

I've found some of your artwork elsewhere on the web posted by someone else...
If my art has been used by other people without giving me credit or if they've stolen, manipulated and claimed the work as their own then please report these incidents to me via e-mail.

I sent you a message but haven't received a reply.
It's possible that your message was identified as spam and automatically tossed in the Junk folder. To ensure that your e-mail hasn't been overlooked, please enter a meaningful subject line, something obvious like 'Ciel-Art' will do just fine. I will try my best to answer messages as soon as I can and if you haven't recieved a reply in a few days, feel free to give me a reminder!

How long have you been drawing/CGing?
I've always loved watching animations and have been drawing pictures as a hobby throughout my childhood, but only began to practice seriously during my late-teens. In late 2001 I discovered Photoshop and began learning about the program and computer graphics in general.
From then on, I attempted various anime styles and drew numerous amounts of fanart in 2002-2003 to practice different digital art techniques and applications.
Over the years I became more serious about my art and was determined to improve the quality in my work. Then, gradually people were interested enough in my art to commission me, so in recent years I have focused on producing more original work, which have been featured in various publications.

What tools do you use to create your art?
I use a Wacom Graphire4 Classic XL graphics tablet with Adobe Photoshop CS2 for most of my CG artwork. In addition, I use Adobe Illustrator CS2, Painter IX and Deleter COMICWORKS.
When inking on paper I use various pens such as Uni Pin fineliner 0.1, Copic Multiliner 0.1, 0.05, 0.03 and Pilot Drawing Pen 0.1. Although I'm a digital art specialist, occasionally I like to dabble in traditional mediums such as alcohol markers and watercolours.

Will you create a tutorial on how you draw and colour?
At the moment I have no plans to make art tutorials as I want to focus on other projects first.

I'd like you to do some art for a project of mine, would you be interested?
It depends on the project. Just send me an e-mail with details and we can discuss.

If you have any questions not included here, feel free to ask in an e-mail.

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