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Sailor Wa Lolita Design

Sailor Wa Lolita Design

Sailor Wa Lolita Design

Created: 30th July, 2006
Medium: Adobe® Photoshop® CS2

Illust and Design ©2006 Wing Yun Man.

The concept of a gothic lolita outfit that combines the styles of a wa-loli (traditional kimono style) and sailor loli was something I've always thought about in my mind, so one day I put pen to paper and created this design sheet, complete with matching optional accessories.

My aim was to create a design that is not too commonly used in the gothic lolita scene, something simplistic yet striking and original at the same time.

The outfit could be made in others colours not shown in the design sheet - a blue and white colour scheme or aqua green and white colour scheme as an alternative could look quite nice and make the overall outfit look more nautical.

This is intended to be used as a reference for making the design into a real outfit. If there are any seamstresses interested in doing so, don't hestitate to get in contact with me.

© Wing Yun Man