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Miyuki no Nihonsyoku

Miyuki no Nihonsyoku

Miyuki no Nihonsyoku

Created: 14th July, 2006
Medium: Adobe® Illustrator® CS2, Adobe® Photoshop® CS2

Illust and Design ©2006 Wing Yun Man.

My character mascot designs for Otaku News, a daily news site with articles covering Japanese culture, music, anime/manga, events and weird findings.

Miyuki and Hakubo are chilling in a Japanese restaurant, having delicious naruto ramen and freshly prepared sushi for lunch. The nihongo translates to 'Japanese food is delicious!' (Hopefully the text is correct, I double checked with a few native-speakers afterall!)

This image was created specifically to be printed on postcards, which were given free to members of Amecon 2006.

Desktop images in three different sizes are also available for download here: Otaku News Wallpapers

© Wing Yun Man