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Ame Badge Art 2007

Ame Badge Art 2007

Ame Badge Art 2007

Created: 16th July, 2007
Medium: Adobe® Photoshop® CS2

Illust ©2007 Wing Yun Man

Badge illustrations I did of Ame-chan, mascot of UK anime convention 'Amecon' held in Leicester.

For the Under 18 badge, Ame-chan is cosplaying as chibi Maya from Tenjo Tenge, which links to the 18+ badge with Ame-chan cosplaying as adult Maya, drawn by Hel from Makenai Team who also did the main badges.

The Gopher badge has Ame wearing a generic anime waitress costume; the Press badge is depicted by Ame cosplaying as Kazumi Asakura from Negima!; and finally the Industry badge features Ame in normal gear looking happy and prepared to give a panel presentation.

© Wing Yun Man