Ciel-Art:  Wing Yun Man's Portfolio - Illustration, Character Design, Sequential Art

Here's a selection of books and other publications that have featured my work. I'll be sure to add more soon!

Talking to Strangers Talking to Strangers By Fehed Said, Wing Yun Man and Various

NEO Manga Entry - Piggy Bank NEO Manga Entry - Piggy Bank By Wing Yun Man

'Piggy Bank' is a 5 page comic which was chosen as one of the winners in NEO magazine's Manga Competition in 2007.
Mobile Gamer Issue 07 Mobile Gamer Issue 07 Future Plus

'Can mobile gaming save your sanity?'
Draw Manga Draw Manga By Sweatdrop Studios

A series of tutorials on how to draw individual character elements such as eyes, hair, hands, and clothing.
Manga Clip Art Manga Clip Art By Hayden Scott-Baron

Everything You Need to Create Your Own Professional-looking Manga Artwork
Manga Drawing Kit Manga Drawing Kit By Ilya-San and Yahya El-Droubie

Techniques, Tools, and Projects for Mastering the Art of Manga
Making Anime Making Anime By Chi Hang Li, Chris Patmore, and Hayden Scott-Baron

Create mesmerising manga-style animation with pencils, paint and pixels
Cartoon Clinic Cartoon Clinic By Ben Cormack

Essential Rescue Remedies for Drawing Great Cartoons
Character Design Character Design By Chris Patmore

A handy guide to creating cutting edge cartoon characters for comic books, computer games and graphic novels.

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