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Blue Rose for Lilith

Blue Rose for Lilith

Blue Rose for Lilith

Created: 1st January, 2009
Medium: Adobe® Photoshop® CS2

Illust. & Character ©2008-2009 Wing Yun Man

Was supposed to be my last pic of 2008 but now it's the first pic of 2009! My PC was processing so slowly ~_~' Oh well~

This is my original character, Lilith. I illustrated this picture to commemorate her birthday (date of creation) which was on the 17th December. It happens to be the same birthday as mejiro so this illustration is dedicated to her too~ ^o^/

Lilith receives a blue rose as a birthday present from a mysterious person (actually it's fairly obvious that it's from Aristo, who adores her very much... but his character hasn't been introduced yet XD)

© Wing Yun Man