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Vocaloid SONiKA Design

Vocaloid SONiKA Design

Vocaloid SONiKA Design

Created: 30th November, 2009
Medium: Adobe® Photoshop® CS2, SAI

Illust. & Design ©2009 Wing Yun Man. SONiKA ©Zero-G

My design for Zero-G's SONiKA's New Look Contest. All entries can be seen here.

I thought her original green hair x yellow outfit worked really well together so I decided to keep the original colours but put my own spin on the design by giving her an exciting, young pop-idol kind of look...not sure if it really suits her though. To be honest, I'm not too confident with this piece and only entered for fun.

I didn't like her short hair as it reminded me too much of MEIKO, so I created a sort of "ring" side ponytail style for her - but now she resembles Miku. ^^;

© Wing Yun Man