Eyeko Beauty

Eyeko Beauty are a London-based makeup brand inspired by a love for Tokyo and Japanese comics, known as manga. I gave the Eyeko logo an updated look and also created a personality and full bodied design for the mascot to feature in her own mini promotional comic printed as A5 size booklets that were given out to customers at events.  During my time as a designer for the company I was also responsible for the packaging design for many of Eyeko’s products including their best-selling Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara, Nail Polishes and Graffiti Eyeliner Pen. Additionally I assisted with the design of the website and managed the online shop, created web graphics, weekly newsletters, business cards, postcards, flyers and other promotional products. Since 2011, Eyeko Beauty have changed their branding and no longer use these concepts. To read the full Eyeko comic, click the button below. Go to Eyeko My Manga Makeup
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